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September 14th, 2015 — 11:02pm

Geek or not, I cannot get wordpress to correct the orientation of the photo. Le sigh.

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Boo Ridge!

November 22nd, 2014 — 5:24am

The boys’ school had a Halloween themed party. Noni and Grampa Lenny were here at the time and went with us. There was a photo booth and this is the silly outcome. Milo is Stitch and Levi is a skeleton – but he kept the mask off most of the night because it fogged his glasses.

We learned that the boys LOVE bingo. Levi even won two times in a row! We have a bingo ringer in the family!

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Milo’s Class Photo – Mr. Class himself!

November 15th, 2014 — 4:00am

Check out Mr. Class. Serious about class photos. So sweet!


And if you look closely you might see Ben and Meghan (from twin PEPs), twins from Sandhurst co-op Seamus and Nora, and Zhenyu from Perkins! Milo has a lot of friends in class. :)

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Family portraits: Still silly!

November 10th, 2014 — 12:23am

I thought that by now, at age NEARLYSEVEN(!) that family portraits would have gotten a little simpler. I was wrong, as you can see by these portraits at the pumpkin patch.

But, after all the silliness, Levi was ready for his closeup(s)!

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The first day of the first grade

September 3rd, 2014 — 7:06pm

Even with a few years under our belts, the First Day photos continue to be super tricky. This year was no different…. But, please, enjoy this year’s attempts. :)

After the 30 second walk to school (ya’ll remember that this is one of the reasons this was the perfect house for us!) the boys were ready for their own close-ups! They were also ready to rock first grade!

Levi’s teacher is Mrs. Howsen. She is so sweet and we hear she is great. And Levi’s friend Hazel, from Sandhurst co-op, is in his class!

Milo’s teacher is Mrs. Platter. Milo has Ben and Meghan (from our twin PEPs group!) and Nora and Seamus from Sandhurst co-op as well! Friends are all around because the co-op I got them into is, basically, a feeder school for View Ridge! :)

After we got in it was time to get settled. The hallways were very crowded, but we soldiered on and went on to find our lockers, classes, seats, we put our stuff where each teacher wanted it all (it was different for each teacher). Thank goodness Enrique was there helping so that both guys had someone with them at all times…. until grown ups were kicked out. It was far harder for me to leave the classrooms than it was for the boys to have me leave once the teachers announced class was starting. BUT, I managed to wait until I ran into some of my co-op mom friends before I got all mushy and sentimental and, ok, a teensy bit teary.  I know they’ll do very well…. but I wish I could watch them all day.

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Otolaryngology: Check!

August 21st, 2014 — 11:20pm

So, none of us can say this correctly. You try: otolaryngology.

Did you get it right? Probably not. But that shouldn’t bother you, because today Milo and I had a follow up of his “discreet bilateral vocal nodes”. His last appointment was 2/8/012. This morning he and I got to hear his little voice saying, very hoarsely, “My name is Milo, I have a bruvver named Levi. Today is my burfday.” It was so preciously cute I wanted to take the tape home.

Milo shows us where his voicebox is

Anyhow, today we met with the same (big) otolaryngology team at Children’s Hospital and redid some of the tests. He spoke into the mic, saying the same things he said last time (except “today is my birthday”), did modulation tests, slide tests (how loose are your chords so you can make high and low noises). But we DIDN’T do the scope, or swallowing The Black Spaghetti we did two years ago. Wanna know why? Because Milo has been working so hard on his voice that he did SO WELL on his tests that the doctors didn’t think it was necessary to do the scope!  Yes, he and Levi need to continue to work on vocal modulation and using the correct voice at the right time, but most kids do, really.

This is SO AWESOME because since I got the boys tested by Boyer at two years old at the behest of the Sandhurst co-op supervisor Elizabeth Bird, through 2 years of fantastic weekly and twice weekly voice sessions with Allie at Pediatric Speech and Language, through this summer’s ESY services at the EEU summer camp, “vocal hygiene” has been an issue. And as of today (subject to change… your mileage may vary) it isn’t any longer! The exact language is “Dr. Inglis feels that since Milo’s voice has improved he does not need to be scoped today. He feels that the clarity of his voice has improved.” It doesn’t come with a diploma, but it should.

And I want to give a HUGE “thank you!” to the EEU SLP and teachers who came up with several amazing ways for me and Enrique to help the boys remember to use their “healthy voices”. Milo’s vocal hygiene really began to improve in the past 3 months…  Thank you EEU!

I’m so proud of the guys!!

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Owie at the ER: Milo edition

January 14th, 2014 — 8:57pm

Today I got a call from teacher Joey. Before he could finish telling me his name before I asked “What happened?”! Milo fell and got a “pretty good” cut on his earlobe. Like, almost cut off. So here we are at the ER and we’re going to get “string band aids”, which is a transparent euphemism for stitches, even to an almost-6-year-old.



20140114-125149.jpg class="alignnone size-full" />

So, we’re waiting for those stitches and then we have to decide what flavor frozen yogurt we want.

Oh, and he got the owie by tripping on the stool and banging his head on the table.






So, three stitches and a blood test (mthfr) later, we are hoping we can leave soon.


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That awesome moment…

March 3rd, 2013 — 4:15pm

When Milo (dressed as Optimus Prime) understands the power of The Force

When Good Guys ™ team up

When sworn enemies can mend their ways, if only for a photo

When you get to meet Jessie, and she is as nice as you’d imagine

When you and a just-your-size Clone Trooper get your pose on, no hover-hand needed.

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