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Just a few things….

August 8th, 2015 — 4:45am

It’s been a while, so the boys say….¬†

Brothers who read together:

Levi “just do not care”:

“Go go power Milo”

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My Name Is….

August 20th, 2013 — 3:55am

Today the guys came home from YMCA camp singing (rapping? cheering?) this. I’d never heard it before. But it just shows what dudes they’ve become over the summer. The YMCA camp is so great. They’ve just loved it and come home with all new games, songs, friends along with the expected bumps and bruises. This is their final week of YMCA camp and summer vacation ends next week. Then they go to KINDERGARTEN and they’ll be BIG BOYS FOREVER…

Here are the lyrics to the cheer:
My Name Is XXXXX
My Name Is Teammate’s Name
Rock The Boat
I’m Feelin’ Fine
Rock The Boat
You Mess With Me
Rock The Boat
I’ll Blow Your Mind
Rock The Boat
I Said A Bing Bang Choo Choo Train
Wind Me Up I’ll Do My Thing
No Reeses Pieces
No Buttercups
You Mess With Me
I’ll Mess You Up
Rock The Boat
Rock, Rock The Boat
Rock The Boat
Rock, Rock The Boat

Rock the boat, indeed.

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Ain’t no party like a Bean and Pele dance party!

July 8th, 2013 — 11:34pm

Pele and Bean had a dance party this weekend while they were hanging out with the guys. While we were still out we got a link to this video. We may have some serious budding b boys on our hands.

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