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First homework from first grade!

September 26th, 2014 — 6:18am

It really is true. The boys are first-graders. And we even had our first homework to prove it! They (we) decorated their writing folders with pictures which will make them feel like telling a story. Somehow we discovered that stuffies were photocopy-able, and it was all over. :)

See Real Doggie’s photocopy on Levi’s folder?

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The first day of the first grade

September 3rd, 2014 — 7:06pm

Even with a few years under our belts, the First Day photos continue to be super tricky. This year was no different…. But, please, enjoy this year’s attempts. :)

After the 30 second walk to school (ya’ll remember that this is one of the reasons this was the perfect house for us!) the boys were ready for their own close-ups! They were also ready to rock first grade!

Levi’s teacher is Mrs. Howsen. She is so sweet and we hear she is great. And Levi’s friend Hazel, from Sandhurst co-op, is in his class!

Milo’s teacher is Mrs. Platter. Milo has Ben and Meghan (from our twin PEPs group!) and Nora and Seamus from Sandhurst co-op as well! Friends are all around because the co-op I got them into is, basically, a feeder school for View Ridge! :)

After we got in it was time to get settled. The hallways were very crowded, but we soldiered on and went on to find our lockers, classes, seats, we put our stuff where each teacher wanted it all (it was different for each teacher). Thank goodness Enrique was there helping so that both guys had someone with them at all times…. until grown ups were kicked out. It was far harder for me to leave the classrooms than it was for the boys to have me leave once the teachers announced class was starting. BUT, I managed to wait until I ran into some of my co-op mom friends before I got all mushy and sentimental and, ok, a teensy bit teary.  I know they’ll do very well…. but I wish I could watch them all day.

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The day (before) the first day of the first grade!

September 3rd, 2014 — 6:03pm

Well, it started yesterday when I arranged for the boys to see the school, their classes, the lunchroom, and meet their teachers. On our way there, this happened.

Ahem, then it was time to get on to business.

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PAX time is fun time!

September 1st, 2014 — 3:28am

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