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All your swingsets are belong to us!

August 27th, 2013 — 5:47am

The guys taking the 'set for a test-drive before the purchase. I couldn't get them off of it in order to disassemble it!

And after I de-rust, paint, sand, replace some bolts, and assemble it, we’ll be the swinginest family in town!

The before shot.

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Eat Your Heart Out, Elvis

August 20th, 2013 — 4:02am

You, Elvis, had stylists and crystal studded karate gi. This style of Milo’s just *happened*.

Yes, that is a gold metal, karate gi (opened to the belly button), fingerless gloves, and skating pads. Yeah, eat your heart out.

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My Name Is….

August 20th, 2013 — 3:55am

Today the guys came home from YMCA camp singing (rapping? cheering?) this. I’d never heard it before. But it just shows what dudes they’ve become over the summer. The YMCA camp is so great. They’ve just loved it and come home with all new games, songs, friends along with the expected bumps and bruises. This is their final week of YMCA camp and summer vacation ends next week. Then they go to KINDERGARTEN and they’ll be BIG BOYS FOREVER…

Here are the lyrics to the cheer:
My Name Is XXXXX
My Name Is Teammate’s Name
Rock The Boat
I’m Feelin’ Fine
Rock The Boat
You Mess With Me
Rock The Boat
I’ll Blow Your Mind
Rock The Boat
I Said A Bing Bang Choo Choo Train
Wind Me Up I’ll Do My Thing
No Reeses Pieces
No Buttercups
You Mess With Me
I’ll Mess You Up
Rock The Boat
Rock, Rock The Boat
Rock The Boat
Rock, Rock The Boat

Rock the boat, indeed.

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When I grow up

August 2nd, 2013 — 5:07am

Today after our special swimming lessons at Seattle Children’s Hospital pool (92 degrees, extra shallow end, amazing teachers, two-year wait-list) the following conversation was had.

Levi: “Mommy, what is in that room?”
Me: “it is a room where the doctors and other hospital staff eat.”
Levi: “Why can I not go in there?”
Me: “Do you work here?”
Levi: “no…..”
Levi: “Mommy, when I grow up I’m going to work here so I can go in that room.”
Me: “That sounds great. What job will you do here?”
Levi: “I’ll be a swim teacher. That way I can see you guys all the time.”
Milo: “Yeah, me too! Levi, let’s teach classes together.”
Levi: “We can teach together. I’ll only teach people who have twin brothers”
Milo: “Yeah, let’s teach the other kids!”
Levi: “And since we’ll see each other every day we don’t need to get married.”
Me: “Uh….. You are thinking that the only you can see Milo everyday is to get married? Brothers aren’t allowed to marry brothers. And since you are already family you don’t need…..”
Levi: “MILO! Lets get married.”
Me: “Uhm… guys, can you finish your dinner?”

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