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A day in the life – by Jennifer Keener

December 12th, 2011 — 11:49pm



We had a really great day today. The boys were super sweet and helpful.

Both boys sat on the potty this morning in hopes of a poo, but neither one did. After getting dressed we had circle time and read more about the different seasons. They are really into what happens during which season, so its really fun to see them interested in learning all they can. Our goals today were to have good listening, eat healthy foods, be so nice and kind and have so much fun at playschool.

Milo choose waffles and turkey sausage, and they played cars while I made breakfast. They started bickering a bit about the ramp, and telling me about it. I have noticed they are really in the beginning phase of “tattling” so I am working very hard with them to learn to work things out instead of swooping in to rescue. After helping them talk it through, they played very nicely together until breakfast was ready.

Milo was super hungry. He ate 2.5 waffles, a sausage and 1/2 a banana. Levi ate his sausage and 1/2 waffle. I noticed that you have been buying unsweetened almond milk, I am assuming you want the boys to not only be drinking milk that is so sweet, so I gave them half regular almond milk, and half sweetened. I do have to say since we made the switch, their poop, in general has been less hard.

After breakfast the boys rode their plane and train around as I took turns catching them.

Pickup (from playschool) was great, we walked home together and the boys were pretty hungry. I got lunch all set out for them. They had chili (uninterested, but I will try again this week) leftover chicken / fish, half a big muffin, and dino spinach cakes. I was surprised that the boys ate a bit of each thing, but weren’t ¬†terribly interested in lunch after how hungry they said they were while walking home.

We did some crazy running around the circle together, they put on diapers and worked on poos (both did poo) and I let them play mobigo for 5 min before nap.

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Art stars

December 11th, 2011 — 4:40pm

I love the art the guys do at playschool. The teacher, Suzanne, gets paper from her friend at a printing shop and the class gets to paint on it. Good paper makes all the difference when you are looking at fine art such as this.

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Haircuts? Well, kinda.

December 6th, 2011 — 3:57am

This was our first haircut. Sure, I’ve trimmed their bands a little a few times… but that does not really count. This was a real haircut! Well, kinda. It was more of a trim. A shaping. And we had some great inspiration (see below for inspiration). At first Levi was really uncomfortable with the idea and wasn’t sure he wanted to go through with it. But Milo was all for it – especially once he saw all the cars he was going to get to play with during the cut. And he was a champ! Once Levi saw brother power through he decided to go ahead and get his trimmed too.. so long as Mommy was holding his hand the whole time.

Milo pre-cut

Milo during the trim

Levi pre-cut

Levi getting his trim!


Don't tell me I am the only Mother to use Mic Jagger's mugshot to show the stylist...

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Annnnnnnd we’re back!

December 6th, 2011 — 3:37am

Dave and the host (kind of) figured out the problems we’ve been having for months and months. Seems like I can upload photos, but if we want any text I need to write it in HTML. Which I am not 100% awesome at. But, here goes!

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