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Happy nondemoninational holiday time!

December 24th, 2010 — 1:37am

Tamaryn and I took the boys to see Santa again this year. This year we had MUCH better results than we did last year. We even got a shot of them smiling!  Yay!

I’ve even decided that, are you sitting down, that we need to have a tree for them next year.  Not a traditional Christmas tree, though. Picture a cool, vintage aluminum tree decorated with blue stars that would be at home in Liz Taylor’s house in 1956. Totally cheating, I know. But jeez… they don’t make it easy to be Jewish when you compare Xmas to Chanukah.  Xmas is just more fun. So, I kind of give up. YOU WIN, CHRISTMAS! We’ll have the very first tree I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE next year. But the whole thing should look like this…

Not that I have high expectations or anything.

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Attention! The Seattle Lakes have lost their minds!

December 19th, 2010 — 6:16am

Would YOU take these boys to DisneyLand?

Why else would we decide to take two THREE YEAR OLD BOYS to DISNEYLAND for their birthdays? Well, whatever the reason, we’re packing up the guys and doing to see Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. We’re planning on seeing Auntie E, Nana Char, Uncle Steve, the Debiasse clan, and a few others while there! We’re also planning on throwing a little birthday party in LA on Saturday or Sunday with a few of our LA toddler friends.

God help us.

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