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Happy Father’s Day

June 21st, 2010 — 4:03am

The boys and took Dave to the toy store as part of our Father’s Day celebration.  Levi wanted ALL the animals.  In this photo he is rocking TWO snakes, a rooster, and a doggy.  Milo is out of the shot sitting on a nearly-full-sized brown bear.  Which both of the guys kissed before we left the store.

It is a good thing that the boys have both become very good at understanding that we can’t take all the things we like home.  Most of the time we are happy to leave things at the store for other boys to play with later.

Happy Father’s Day, Dave! We love you!  And happy Father’s day to Gramps and Grampa as well. 


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We had “wheats” for breakfast, how about you?

June 13th, 2010 — 4:17am

The boys just love to have unfrosted mini wheats for breakfast.  You soak ‘emin milk and the boys just eat them by the handfull. 

And here is what Levi and I did for our special Monny and Levi time today. Levi started out afraid to get too near this fountain.  Then he got a little closer to it and put his police car on the edge and ran it along the edge for a little while (you can see the car in his left hand).  Then he got even braver and climbed on the edge – the part which is dry in the photo.  And he took teeny tiny steps walking very VERY carefully around the edge.  Then some big boys walked all around the inside ledge, and through the water, but we won’t mention that.  And that made Levi brave enough to, eventually, walk all the way around the fountain even past the point where he couldn’t see me anymore.

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Watching cars and trucks is serious business

June 11th, 2010 — 4:16am

If ever you can’t find me and the boys you should always look for us at the corner of 70th and 50th sitting on our neighbors rocks.  We’ll be the ones watching all the cars and trucks at the four-way stop.  We love to name the colors of the cars and trucks, wave back to the nice people who wave at us, and point out people who don’t stop at the signs and deserve time-outs for breaking the rules.

We have much more fun than you’d think from these photos.  We especially like it when we see dogs in the cars and trucks.  We think that is HILARIOUS!

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Little Monkeys

June 10th, 2010 — 12:13am
Tamaryn took the boys playing at Laurelhurst park yesterday.  They enjoyed climbing the rope spiderweb a lot.  Even with their, slightly large, galoshes on.  At one point Levi’s galosh fell off and another boy gave it back to him.  He has been telling us about it ever since. 

Climbing at Laurelhurst

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We’re back!

June 6th, 2010 — 2:48pm

We’re back!  So much has happened since our last post! Summer has kind of arrived, we’ve had parties, we’ve made new friends, and gotten pretty good with our potties.  But mostly we go to the Zoo a lot. So, it is only fitting that our first post back commemerates a great Zoo trip where we made best friends with a special green friend.

We walk the line

Levi meets a bird

Milo meets the same bird

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