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Levi "Helps" Pack

October 29th, 2009 — 5:34am

Levi was all about helping us in our last minute crazy packing frenzy by… putting his brother in one.

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Goin' Walkin'

October 27th, 2009 — 4:00am
I came home from the office a little early today to get packing for our house move THIS THURSDAY! And take a gander at what I found walking up the sidewalk!

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The New House is So Expensive

October 23rd, 2009 — 3:53am

We’ve decided to sponsor the boys. So, now you’ll have Milo and Levi brought to you by Johnson and Johnson. The best one-time-use baggies in the world! Unless Glad wants to pay us more to say so.

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Play Ball!

October 21st, 2009 — 1:08am

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Twin Benefits

October 20th, 2009 — 2:58am

This fantastic list is courtesy of The parents of multiples at Microsoft. Do you have any to add? Add them in the comments!

1. Test baby & control baby.
With all the worries that parents of singletons have over every sniffle, delay in crawling and walking, and refusal of anything that resembles a vegetable, you can really start second-guessing yourself as a parent. You start to wonder if you’re the cause of your baby’s delayed development in some category or another. Twins really remove a lot of the guesswork. If one refuses to sleep at night but the other sleeps well then you know it’s probably the baby’s issue and not your own.

One parent said, “One of our babies started crawling a month before the other. Were we worried? Nope. We got one crawling. The other will come along when she’s ready.”

2. Too tired to sweat the small stuff.
Sink is filling up with dishes? Oh well. I’ve got twins. Running late? My excuse beats yours. I’ve got twins. Lawn has grown so long that the neighbor decided to mow it? No guilt. They know I’ve got twins.

A parent had this story to share: When our twins were old enough, we decided to take them to the local Gymboree so that they could have interaction with other babies their age. At the end, they brought the “potential members” together to try to sign them up and answer any questions the parents may have about the program. We were surprised at the list of questions that other people had regarding the background of the teachers, the company, and everything else. We were just happy our babies had a good time and it was close to home.

3. Airport security takes pity on you.

It seems that watching a family struggle with multiple little ones can cause security to lighten up a bit. One family took their six-month-old twins on a 14-hour international trip to see their extended family. After reading up on the horror stories that other parents when through when trying to bring formula through security and knowing that they had to pack enough for two babies with time to/from the airport and in case of delays, they were really worried when they packed 20 pounds of pre-mixed formula in a bag.

TSA must’ve felt sorry for them and decided that we just didn’t fit the terrorist/smuggler profile as they were practically waved through security. The agents even held the babies while the family loaded everything onto the x-ray scanner and didn’t even bother to open the bag labeled, “baby formula”.

4. Babies in diapers is over faster than if you have them at different times.
If these are your only babies then you’ll have half the “diaper phase window” of any parents of singletons.

5. Teething is done in half the time.
From one parent: “Our twins did nearly all their teething at the same time.” If you’re going to lose sleep over a teething baby, you might as well lose sleep over two teething babies.

6. Two armfuls of hugs.
What better feeling than to come home at the end of the day to have both of your babies run up to you and hug you at the same time?

7. Half the pediatrician appointments and it’s okay to be late.
Sure, you need two parents to wrestle with the extra babies at the pediatrician appointment but if you’re one of those dedicated parents who never misses an appointment then you’re burning through a lot less sick time to have appointments.

One parent said, “Doctors and nurses understand if we are 15-20 minutes late to an appointment – Just showing up with 2 babies is a big deal even if we are not on time”

8. Less jealousy among parents.
There are many articles that discuss the jealousy that fathers experience when they’re feeling left out of the bond that comes between a mother and her baby. Not so for the father of multiples. He’s 100% involved on day one! There’s always a baby for each parent to take care of.

9. Instant playmates with one not being significantly ahead of the other.
Not exactly, “Instant”. It actually takes a significant amount of time before they even realize there’s another baby around. The interaction is slow coming seems to take off like a rocket when it does happen. It’s like one day they wake up and realize there’s somebody else to interact with.

10. Every day is a play date.
Who needs to coordinate a play date? They’re on-demand. No scheduling required.

11. Baby Telepathy.
Says one father, “It’s amazing to see the expression of your babies when you’re playing with one of them. Even the one who isn’t getting direct attention can be so amused to watch you play with their sibling. Maybe this would happen with any two babies that are together but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s nothing short of magic. Sometimes when one is crying, the other will take their bottle or pacifier and give it to the crying one. It’s as if they know what they would need in that same situation. Sometimes it works too!”

12. Bath time in half the time.
Once they’re old enough to stand/sit in the bathtub then it’s assembly-line time. Start from the left. Add water to baby as you move to the right. Start from the left and soap up babies until you get to the right. Rinse left-to-right and dry left-to-right and you’re all set.

13. Only one birthday (date) to remember.
Unfortunately this doesn’t mean that you’ll get away with just one party.

14. One date for parent-teacher conference.
Get both babies in the same class and parent-teacher conference time is scheduled much quicker. One brings home homework and you can be sure the other has the same homework.

15. Twin discounts.
There’s a whole industry of people who will be happy to make money from you. Although twin discounts aren’t going to put them out of business, you’re still getting something the rest of the world doesn’t get.

16. Formula switch – one baby is full? Give the bottle to the other.
This works best when one wakes up after the other and the formula didn’t get old. If the first one doesn’t finish the amount you estimated they need, just refill and use the rest for the second baby.

17. Lunches: Make that a double…
Babies get more variety of that baby food. After they share a “Chicken Casserole Puree” (yuck), it’s on to shared sweet potatoes (and parents don’t mind finishing up the sweet potatoes).

18. Less guessing on toys – one of them will love it.
We always hear those parents of singletons complaining about all the toys their kids never play with. It’s a rare thing for the parent of twins. Just find the toys with the good rating, drop it on the floor, and one of them will go for it. Of course, sometimes they BOTH go for it and you have to run interference.

19. Can’t decide between two names? Use both!
Not much to say about this one. We guess that means one gets the name honoring uncle Jehoshaphat and one gets a name that you really wanted to name your baby.

20. The baby laundry is always a full load.
No guilt about half-a-load of baby laundry. That hamper is ALWAYS full.

21. No high-ego, “I can handle it myself,” internal conflicts
Everybody warns you from the moment you find out you’re having twins: You’re going to be super busy. Be sure to accept any offers of help and delegate work. We’ve never had the, “we can do it ourselves”, ego. Anybody who offers to help will immediately get a task.

You’re not out to impress anybody because most people are impressed just to watch you juggle two babies.

22. Put half the effort in teaching.
One parent of multiples says, “I try to teach both but for sure one of them is hardly interested. So when the one who stays and learns shows off to her sister what she knows, her sister learns from her. I don’t have to spend my time teaching her. For example, one of my daughters taught the other one to read book. Now both of them love books.”

23. You are done at one time.
As a mom, you do not have to take break from your career 2 times. You do not have to go through labor pain 2 times, You don’t have to go through the sleepless nights 2 separate times You just have to do it once.

24. When Grandparents throw in their wisdom and you don’t want it- Twins is a blessing (if they didn’t have twins that is)!
If Mother-in-laws or moms try to teach you how to raise your baby and how they did it, now you have a great way to tell them to back off-“Just say, they are twins, it doesn’t work that way”! And if they still don’t get it, just tell them, they have no clue how it is to raise 2 at one time (esp. if they are trying to throw the guilt trip on you).

25. Less Obligations: Extended family understands if you don’t returns calls.
One parent told us, “I no longer have to worry about returning phone calls from extended family on time. They know what sort of circus we are in with 3 young kids”

26. Lots of cute pictures.
When we said that twins are 10 times as hard as singletons and triplets are 10 times as hard as twins, we believe that they’re also 10 (or 100) times as cute! Picture of the twins smiling at each other, holding hands, lying down next to each other just make our hearts melt.

27. Increased Efficiency.
One parent of multiples told us, “After twins I’m much more efficient and organized at home and at work. This is helping me and my family big time.”

28. Appreciation of little things
One parent said, “Now with the twins if I get a chance to work out even once a week or get to watch recorded TV even once or twice in the week I’m so happy.”

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Good Morning Merry Sunshine

October 12th, 2009 — 12:01am

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Pumpkins at the Patch

October 11th, 2009 — 2:44am

We went to a super fun pumpkin patch today – Bob’s Corn Maze. We got to ride a cow train, rode a hay ride, climbed around on a pile o pumpkins, and played in their playground! If we go again, we’ll do the pony rides. And, next time Dave will put Milo’s shoes on the correct feet. Milo’s legs look all twisted up because DADDY PUT THEM ON THE WRONG FEET. God help us all…

Levi hikes across acres and acres of pumpkins to find his favorite.

Milo found his favorite right away and is modeling it for you right here!

Do you know which guy this is?
Or this?

Mishy even took this tractor for a stationary test ride.

Would you be comfortable meeting these boys alone in a dark alley?

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The Big Two-Oh!

October 10th, 2009 — 1:12am

The boys turned 20 months old yesterday. And our fabulous Nanny, Tamaryn, made a sign with lots of help from Milo. He is responsible for all the colors on the sign; quite the artist, no?

Ok, we may be 20 months old, but really, what toy do you have over there, Levi?Huh? Wha? Ungh.
Milo looooves Tamaryn!
They are learning loads of new words lately. Well, Levi is anyhow. He has recently picked up “Meow, door, no, yeah, and woah!” Thankfully, he has not learned what “no” actually means. He just says it sometimes. Milo knows that a cat says “Meow”, a firetruck says “woo-ooo-ooo” and that a dog says “woof woof”. He also knows “me”, but we think it means “more” to him.

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