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Milo: A Photoganza

February 28th, 2009 — 7:32pm
Milo and Drew sharing a moment at the big birthday party

Mommy and Milo on a Sushi date
Bathtime is funtime!
All photo credits go to Auntie E. :)

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One Year Checkup!

February 28th, 2009 — 3:10am
The guys had their 12 month well-baby checkups on Feb 12th and here are all the details!

Weight: 21.1 lbs (still in the 25th percentile)
Length: 28 3/4 inches (25th percentile)
Head circumference: 45.8 cm (25-50 percentile)

Milo was sporting a pretty impressive eye infection at their one year checkup.
Weight: 22.11 lbs (25-50th percentile)
Length: 29 3/4 inches (50th percentile)
Head circumference: 46.7 cm (50 – 75th percentile)
The guys are hanging in there at one inch apart in height. And still, the weight difference between the guys FEELS a lot bigger than it actually is.

There have been some exciting things going on lately in the house. Just yesterday we were all playing by the couch when Dave come home from work. The guys looked up and got very excited, as usual. But this time Levi said “Dadada”. It is the first time that either of the guys have said “Dada”and it was obvious that they were talking about Dave. We were all so excited! Levi also waves hi and bye. Sometimes he gets so excited when he does it that it is followed by a clap. It is so sweet. Milo just likes to watch us wave at him and has not yet figured out his social obligation to wave back.

We are trying to remember to brush their teeth every night, no toothpaste. But it is so hard to remember to do that! Dave and I remember to brush their teeth about half the time. We are working on this since we don’t want them to get cavities in their baby teeth! The horror!

We have a new Nanny, Dani. She is so fantastic. More on her later.

We now have three highchair meals a day. They like their solids more than their bottle now. And they can eat nearly everything. The only stuff they need to stay away from are choking hazards (nuts, hard raw fruits and veggies, buttons, etc). But they now eat scrambled eggs with tofu pups, malt-o-meal, salmon patties, and dried fruit. Nearly everything! It is so fun to watch them try new things. And bananas… our house now has a three banana a day habit. I wonder if there is a banana support group.

So, what is next? I want to try to get the guys to eat plain steamed veggies… I hear that some babies do it. We’ll try. Other things we might see between now and 18 months…

- Removes articles of clothing
- Has four to ten words
- Responds to name
- Points at objects and names body parts
- Makes eye contact for reassurance
- Walks and runs
- Shakes head “no”

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We Visit The Seattle Children's Museum

February 23rd, 2009 — 2:17am

We finally visited the Seattle Children’s Museum today. It looks so cool – but most of the place is still a little too grown-up for the guys. But there was one area, Discovery Bay, which is just the right speed for Levi and Milo! Fun was had by all and we’ll be back soon.

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One For The Road

February 17th, 2009 — 5:35am

Our wonderful Nanny, Naomi, left us this week to go become a mother herself. Today was her last day and we wanted to commemorate it with a little photo session.

We’ll miss you Naomi!

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Levi Discovers Real Life Crawling

February 17th, 2009 — 4:26am

After months of military crawling Levi has finally discovered actual crawling! Just over the weekend he started doing it… and we think he likes it. I think he has been working on this since way back in August!

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Manny Is hiLARious

February 16th, 2009 — 2:50am

Levi laughs his little bootay off at Manny. The guys just lovelovelove Manny, especially when he plays with, or rather, near them. Note how Manny can’t get past Levi quickly enough.

PS – YOU try growing teef (six so far), laughing your little bootay off and NOT drooling. I’m just sayin’… don’t hate the drool.

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More Photos Of Levi In A Basket

February 16th, 2009 — 1:14am

We think he might be beginning to enjoy this. Which is good since we can’t seem to stop putting him in laundry baskets!

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Gramps Made Amazing Toys!

February 15th, 2009 — 2:35am

Wow, do the boys have generous friends! They’ve gotten so many lovely thoughtful gifts for their birthday. Another box arrived yesterday which is super special, because Gramps made them!

Milo playing with the stacking toys Gramps made!
Gramps making the toys in his home!

These toys are even better than they look. They can be spun on the floor like tops, they can be banged together for extra fun, they can play “dropsy” off the table, and they can be stacked and knocked over like blocks. All of which the guys discovered within just a few minutes of the playing.
Thank you, Gramps!

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