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Gramma Carol and Grampa Lenny visit

July 30th, 2008 — 10:39pm

Last night Gramma and Grampa Lenny arrived via Amtrak from Portland. We wasted almost no time taking a photo session of the four for the blog. Even though it threatened rain and pterodactyl sized flies were buzzing our heads.

They had just woken up from their naps as we took these photos so they are a teensy weensy bit drowsy and out of it. See?

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Sacks Appeal

July 29th, 2008 — 3:49am

The boys love to sleep swaddled in their Miracle Blankets. But since they are such big healthy boys they are busting out of them lately Hulk-style. Once they’ve busted out they get cold and it isn’t safe to have them scooting all around their cribs with loose swaddle blankets trailing behind them (I’m looking at you, Levi). So tonight we put Milo down to sleep in his SleepSack. It is a wearable blanket that keeps them nice and safe during the night. He looks so adorable that we had to share.
Tomorrow we’ll try to have Levi sleep in his sleepsack as well, since we keep finding him in his crib on his tummy unswaddled with his face jammed up against the walls of the crib like a tiny, handsome, drunk prisoner (usually there is a tiny pool of drool as well).

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Levi Is Ready For His Close-up

July 29th, 2008 — 2:42am

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Milo and Levi’s little corner of the Internet! I hope that we will do posts and pictures nearly every day so that everyone can stay in contact (at least virtually) with their favorite twin baby boys. It is only just starting so be patient while their web page(s) grow!
As you may have heard, we are trying to get the guys on a sleep routine. They got great naps today and that puts them in really sweet moods. While Milo was sleeping this afternoon Levi agreed to sit for a photo session. :)
Adorable, no?

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